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A native Texan, Cheryl Murdock has been singing since she was a preschooler, memorizing radio tunes and making up songs, which were proved to be excellent early training for the accomplished vocalist and songwriter. Born and raised in San Marcos, Texas, she started singing in her first band, Permanent Smile, when she was 17. She soon joined the group Second Glance, which played original songs in San Marcos and Austin, including clubs on the famed Sixth Street. Second Glance released two albums and attracted major label attention. After settling in Austin, Cheryl next performed briefly with a local cover band before forming the band Shine. Shine developed a strong following and Cheryl continued to hone the songs that eventually found a permanent home in her first solo CD.

In 2004, Cheryl released her debut solo CD, Starting Fires, which turned the spotlight on her powerful, lush voice and evocative lyrics. Starting Fires showcases her range with edgy pop, rock, and Texas-flavored melodic singles. In addition to the title track on the Starting Fires CD, her signature songs include Big Shoes, I’ve Waited So Long, Breathe Again, and On the Inside. Cheryl’s command of different styles garnered her and fellow Austin songwriter Slade Crabtree five nominations covering four musical genres in the Austin Songwriters Group Songwriting Contest, and Honorary Mentions in the CMT/NSAI contest. Expressed through her stirring vocals, their songs won awards in two categories, including first place in pop for the Austin contest.

Cheryl now performs under her own name with talented band back-up. Winning more recognition than ever for her songs and musical ability, Cheryl is poised for continuing growth and an even higher level of solo achievement.

The launch of the new Late Bloomer CD in June 2013 marks Murdock’s second CD, with emotional and fiery tunes, and great melodies that will be popular for a variety of music enthusiasts. Her original songs continue to reflect an emotional honesty appealing to all listeners. Late Bloomer, Sweet Addiction, and Dog House Flowers are all special tunes that she drew from personal experiences. The CD was produced and recorded in collaboration with Texas Hall of Famer and Austin music icon Kevin McKinney.


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